Make data-driven pay decisions that help attract and retain the right talent. 

Kamsa combines market data, a powerful platform, and compensation experts to empower your nonprofit to make workforce and pay decisions with confidence.

Combine market data + humanity

Our hybrid approach combines Kamsa's curated, real-time compensation data with our expert consultants to inform, support, and implement compensation strategies and initiatives for nonprofit organizations.


Model, budget, and roll-out  compensation reviews smoothly and equitably.


Our AI-powered platform saves time and money by seamlessly automating administrative burdens.


Access real-time market compensation data.

Access compensation ranges in the 50th, 65th, or 75th percentiles for current and future roles. Kamsa uses algorithms and machine learning to match jobs to our market survey database four times faster than traditional ways.


Establish career paths and job leveling for current and future jobs.

We track and include the latest job titles and roles, using an extensive data validation & updating process to refresh Kamsa’s market data on a real-time basis.


Evaluate how employees' pay compares to the market.

Nonprofits can market price jobs to quickly compare each employee’s pay to the market and view compensation trends.

Find your plan




Market Compensation Data

Global tech industry market compensation data, including base salary and total cash ranges by job family and job level

Employee Data

Comparative view of employees’ pay to local market

Career Paths

Job leveling and growth opportunities across the organization

Cultivate Your People

Calculate salary increase scenarios in between Compensation Reviews

Compensation Review

Tool to budget and manage proposed salary increases and promotions



Subscription fee is based on total number of employees, billed annually. An additional one-time implementation fee applies. 

<100 Employees



100 - 500 Employees



501 - 1,000 Employees




Want to learn more about Kamsa?

Request a demo and learn why nonprofits love using Kamsa's global market compensation data to:

  • Articulate their compensation philosophy
  • Job level and establish career paths across the organization
  • Establish compensation ranges
  • Seamlessly run compensation reviews